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Crescent Lawn 2011

Summer is in and so is the lawn and so are the celebs. Designer lawns adored by the public figures are a norm. Wearing a designer lawn (although costly) is a fashion statement. Designer lawns represent quality fabric, awsome designs and above all the label they carry with themselves.

Crescent lawn in this summer 2011 is much of the celebrated of all lawns. Sushmita Sen being the brand ambassador brought a silver lining to it. The prints are awome, the lawn is perfect, the model is great and above all the brand is good. So go for the lovely designs and dive youself in the sense of beauty and luxury this summer.


Jewellery has been a tradition and a trasition as well. Sometiems it travels down the hierarchies from generations to generations. Bridal Jewellery has been the most of the concerns when it comes to jewellery. Choosing a bridal set for your big day is a really tough job.

Trends these days is to wear sophiscated and light weight jewellery with a touch of stones of the same color as the bridal dress. Brides are preferring light weight delicate designs with the finest quality. White gold although expensive but is very much in these days. Use of multicolor precious stones is also considered as a sign of luxury and sophistication. As per the Asian culture brides wear jewellery sets on both days of their wedding i.e. baraat and valima. Flower jewellery is worn on mehndi and mayun. Here i give you with some of the my picks of jewellery sets. Hoping they might help you in deciding a jewellery set for your big day. Leave a reply to let me know your suggestions.


Generation was one of the first ready-to-wear outlets on the fashion scene in Pakistan. It specializes in woman wear and goes on with Generation Woman, Generation Formals, Generation Classic and G2 (G-Square).

It retail outlets across the country in all the major urban centres- Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar and Faisalabad.

Lahore          1-A, P Block, Gulberg II
Tel:  042-35761523

Karachi          2-C, Zamzama commercial lane 10
Tel: 021-35867404

Islamabad     Shop 7-8, Khan Markaz,
Jinnah Super Market
Tel: 051-2650022

Peshawar       Ali Taj Market, University Road

Faisalabad    Mediacom Trade City,
Jaranwala Road
Tel: 041-8502231



Removing blackheads has always been an issue. Some beauty products even don’t work well. This video tutorial will surely help you to remove blackheads at home. This is a very effective strategy. I have tried this at home. It takes almost 15-30 minutes using this method and it’s very easy to be done at home and specially saves our money to be spent on costly beauty products which are not even effective sometiems. So here it goes and do give me the feedback.

Christian Dior Handbags

Handbags have always been a tradition, a fascination and above all a need. The changing trends in the fashion scenario has given new dimensions to this aspect of accessories. Going out with a proper handbag is now considered as fashionistic and a necessary as well. Christian Dior has always led the fashion scenario with a lot of accessories. Christian Dior handbags are durable, lasting, simple and easy to maintain. The leather quality is awsome and the designs are awsome blossom. Here are some of them. Have a look and do give me the feedback 🙂


and so the jewellery has always been a tradition

from great grand mother to grand mother to mom’s , daughter’s, grand daughter and great grand daughters 🙂

and so forever it will be . and wedding the most beautiful of it all. and the bride tha most adorable creature in the gathering (ahhh 🙂 ) is the most deservant of all to have the luxurious and the most beautiful jewellery and here is some of my finding which might help you girls in chosing someone for your big day 🙂 may Allah grant all your wishes 🙂



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