Hairs, and specially long ones are all time preferables for females throughout the times. The greatest advantage of having long hairs is that you can mold them in any style you want. Woman in the past mostly went for a braid sort of things, but now it’s the curls that are in. Speciall the straightner has brought a lot of ease to make new hairstyles. Straightner can both be used for straightening as well curling the hairs. Yaayy ain’t it good?? Yess, sure it is. Here is a tutorial to curling your hairs with a straightner and following are some of the hairstyles you can make while going to a party or just to give yourself a treat.

Curly hairstyles are specially popular among the teens while going to a party. Wild or messy curls can be worn in the daily routine and sophisticated and well managed curls are a great updo for the parties and functions.

Here is the tutorial and you can right click and open the pictures in new window to get the enlarged version. And please don’t forget to rate this entry. Thank you.