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Bangladeshi Brides Jewellery

Ennz is the one producing designer jewellery which is classic yet elegant. Their designs are beautiful and so random that they can be worn by both teenagers and women at the same time. They suit to ladies of all ages. Most of the work is done in gold and stones. The gold color is lovely and stylish, unlike the normal flashy gold which does not give a decent look. The designers have been working hard to produce such a quality and enrichment of desings.

Their designs are different from the taditional ones. They are mostly western and uber random. The model is  amna, one of the gorgeous ladies of Pakistan fashion scenario. I hope you like the jewellery and if you do so please leave a reply. Encourage and critisize me so that i come better with my posts.

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Bangladeshi brides are on of the prettiest when it comes to jewellery and dresses. They wear teh finest of designs and jewellery. Their make up is very heavy suiting to their traditions and cultures. According to the culture they wear alot of flower jewellery specially on the mayoon and mehndi. Their flower jewellery is very beautiful. The jewellery color matches to the color of their dress. The same pattern of flower jewellery is followed in rings, earriings, necklace and maatha patti. Their maatha patti is very beutiful covering their whole head. Their bridal dress is flashy and they mostly wear alot of gold on their wedding day i.e. baraat. Here is a look at some of their brides. These pictures tell alot about their culture and tradition. The brides look awsomely beautiful. Do leave a reply and tell me what you think.

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Jewellery has been a tradition and a trasition as well. Sometiems it travels down the hierarchies from generations to generations. Bridal Jewellery has been the most of the concerns when it comes to jewellery. Choosing a bridal set for your big day is a really tough job.

Trends these days is to wear sophiscated and light weight jewellery with a touch of stones of the same color as the bridal dress. Brides are preferring light weight delicate designs with the finest quality. White gold although expensive but is very much in these days. Use of multicolor precious stones is also considered as a sign of luxury and sophistication. As per the Asian culture brides wear jewellery sets on both days of their wedding i.e. baraat and valima. Flower jewellery is worn on mehndi and mayun. Here i give you with some of the my picks of jewellery sets. Hoping they might help you in deciding a jewellery set for your big day. Leave a reply to let me know your suggestions.

and so the jewellery has always been a tradition

from great grand mother to grand mother to mom’s , daughter’s, grand daughter and great grand daughters 🙂

and so forever it will be . and wedding the most beautiful of it all. and the bride tha most adorable creature in the gathering (ahhh 🙂 ) is the most deservant of all to have the luxurious and the most beautiful jewellery and here is some of my finding which might help you girls in chosing someone for your big day 🙂 may Allah grant all your wishes 🙂



Bridal Jewellery 1

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