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The summer is all set in with its heat, hap and hazard and the most exposed thing to the sun is our hair. Yoo baby you need to protect it. Since the top of your head gets the most direct exposure to UV rays, add a few  drops of sunscreen or a swipe of a sunblock stick along your part to prevent  burns above your neck. Better yet, toss on a cute floppy hat for full-face  protection. Below are some of the more tips.

Create a cooling shampoo:

Add a few drops of peppermint oil to your shampoo for a tingly, spa-like shower  experience at home. The minty extract will also increase circulation in your  scalp, promoting more hair growth.

Eat more Protein:

Hair is made of keratin, which is a type of protein. So, adding more amino acids  to your diet will help your tresses (and nails) grow stronger. Carry a pack of  almonds for an energy- (and strand-) boosting treat on the go.

Keep it Covered:

If your hair has recently been colored, try to keep it out of the sun as much as  possible. Wear a cute scarf to protect your tresses and add an on-trend  boho vibe to your beach look.

Suda up your Scalp:

As the mercury rises (sweat, grime, salt water!), you’ll be  washing your hair  more frequently, which can lead to dry ends and faded color. When shampooing  strands, only massage cleanser into roots to avoid stripping away naturally  nourishing oils.

Switch your Part:

If your hair falls flat, (the extra moisture in humid air can weigh down  strands), simply switch your part to the opposite side to add volume and lift.  Trend-seekers can experiment with deeper parts, like those seen at Lacoste and  Calvin Klein this season—or on starlet Camilla Belle.

Stock up on Bobby Pins:

Should the humidity cause your perfectly flat-ironed hair to curl, or your bangs  to flip the wrong way, you can easily pin back strands or transform your tresses  into a cool updo with these old school stand-bys.

Cut Down on Drying Time:

After washing your hair, wring out any extra moisture with a towel (no rubbing!)  and allow strands to dry up to 80% before blow-drying straight. Cutting back on  hot tool uses reduces damage significantly. For extra-smooth locks, add shine  serum and dry one three-inch section of hair at a time, while focusing the  nozzle of the dryer over the brush.

Heal Split Ends:

Before you cut, smooth almond oil onto the ends of your hair to bring them back  to life, suggests stylist James Corbett. It rejuvenates damaged hair just like  olive oil, but smells like cookies instead of a salad.

Mix it up:

Summer is the perfect time to really have fun with your hair. Try a different  look each day from beachy waves, to braids, to a messy chignon, to a sleek  ponytail. Toss on a hat or clip in some flowers for extra pizzazz.



Hairs, and specially long ones are all time preferables for females throughout the times. The greatest advantage of having long hairs is that you can mold them in any style you want. Woman in the past mostly went for a braid sort of things, but now it’s the curls that are in. Speciall the straightner has brought a lot of ease to make new hairstyles. Straightner can both be used for straightening as well curling the hairs. Yaayy ain’t it good?? Yess, sure it is. Here is a tutorial to curling your hairs with a straightner and following are some of the hairstyles you can make while going to a party or just to give yourself a treat.

Curly hairstyles are specially popular among the teens while going to a party. Wild or messy curls can be worn in the daily routine and sophisticated and well managed curls are a great updo for the parties and functions.

Here is the tutorial and you can right click and open the pictures in new window to get the enlarged version. And please don’t forget to rate this entry. Thank you.


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