Bangladeshi brides are on of the prettiest when it comes to jewellery and dresses. They wear teh finest of designs and jewellery. Their make up is very heavy suiting to their traditions and cultures. According to the culture they wear alot of flower jewellery specially on the mayoon and mehndi. Their flower jewellery is very beautiful. The jewellery color matches to the color of their dress. The same pattern of flower jewellery is followed in rings, earriings, necklace and maatha patti. Their maatha patti is very beutiful covering their whole head. Their bridal dress is flashy and they mostly wear alot of gold on their wedding day i.e. baraat. Here is a look at some of their brides. These pictures tell alot about their culture and tradition. The brides look awsomely beautiful. Do leave a reply and tell me what you think.

Right click and open the pictures in new window for the enlarged look. Trust me it’s worth it.