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Wedding is an enjoyable and happy time, and Pakistani wedding is celebrated with much fanfare as the exotic Pakistani wedding dress also coming in to spice up the whole event. Pakistani weddings are elaborate and the various ceremonies that lead to the wedding day demand exquisite dresses on the part of the bride in particular. As a bride, if you are keen to be flamboyantly dressed on the wedding day. Wedding is a wonderful occasion for both the bride and groom to be cherished for many years to come with the Pakistani wedding outfits enhancing the looks of the bride and the groom. Needless to say, all the eyes of the near and dear ones in the wedding fall on the bride. The bride spends enough money and time to buy the best wedding clothes. They become the center of attraction on that special day, with the bridal dress luring the attention of the onlookers during this festive occasion. There are various designs and styles with respect to the wedding outfits, here are some of my picks from the greatest designers of Pakistan and abroad to give you an outlook on how you can select your perfect wedding dress easily.

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Designer Abaya / Jilbab

Today’s jilbab’s and abaya’s are not only a necessity for woman but also a fantasy. The beautiful desings have always been successful in attracting a large number of audience. Be it a teenage girl or a elderly lady they all love to wear abaya’s. Sepecially when the females in Asian regions go to perform Hajj or Umrah, they are so mesmorized by the abaya’s sense of protection and beauty that we wan’t to wear it for the rest of their lives and most of the woman start wearing abaya’s right there and then.

Woman take is as ap protection against the society and a place to hide from false gaze. It covers up their body perfectly. Females in the gulf countires also wear a hijab or  niqaab with it to cover up there face and most of the females in countries like Pakistan, India, Iran etc have also started doing so.

Here are some of my picks of hte designer abaya’s and jilbab’s. I hope you like them and do let me know abut them.

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Cross Stitch

CROSS STITCH is an exciting new clothing store located in the heart of Islamabad. For the past ten years, owner has provided its customer with traditional Pakistani clothing along with decent yet viable western fashion wear. CROSS STITCH is a fully stocked clothing store that carries an exclusive selection of unique one-of-a kind Eastern & Western Fashions.

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Bridal couture is one of the greatest hits from Pakistan fashion industry. It provides insight on the greatest interest of people revolving from bridal wear to fancy wear. It gives an idea about the latest styles and colors for the brides. Brides gather very much idea about what to wear on their wedding day. As all eyes are set on the bride they need to wear the most prettiest of clothes and jewellery. As the models walked down the lane they gave a jaw dropping performance. Designers did an awsomely well job in givng these models a flashy as well as a classic look. Bridal Couture Week, took off in a glorious way, with an impressive line-up of 40 models included both local and international divas. The designers who
showcased their creations on the second day included Mona Imran, Shireen Hassan, Lajwanti, Zainab Sajid and Hajra Hayat. Showing a sneak-peak of day one from J.J Valaya’s creation carried by gorgeous Meera. This was the second Bridal Couture Week – the first was held in November in Lahore.

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Bridal Wear 7

Abaya / Jilbab 1