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Designer Abaya


Designer Abaya / Jilbab

Today’s jilbab’s and abaya’s are not only a necessity for woman but also a fantasy. The beautiful desings have always been successful in attracting a large number of audience. Be it a teenage girl or a elderly lady they all love to wear abaya’s. Sepecially when the females in Asian regions go to perform Hajj or Umrah, they are so mesmorized by the abaya’s sense of protection and beauty that we wan’t to wear it for the rest of their lives and most of the woman start wearing abaya’s right there and then.

Woman take is as ap protection against the society and a place to hide from false gaze. It covers up their body perfectly. Females in the gulf countires also wear a hijab orĀ  niqaab with it to cover up there face and most of the females in countries like Pakistan, India, Iran etc have also started doing so.

Here are some of my picks of hte designer abaya’s and jilbab’s. I hope you like them and do let me know abut them.

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Abaya / Jilbab

Abaya is amongst the latest trends in the Asian regions. In the past it has mostly been worn by females in the Arab countires. Women in the asian regions are now adopting this new style of clothing to cover themselves properly. Muslim females particularly are very much its fan’s because of the proper cover it provides them with. We have always heard of beautiufl abaya’s worn by females in the Gulf countires but never got a chance to look at them. Their abaya’s are trendy, classic and flashy for the occassions. They know how to carry them. With the arise in need of abaya’s overall the world, the abaya/jilbab industry has taken up with the fashion scenario. The producer are now making abaya’s that are trendy, easy to carry, suits to personalities and are affordable. Heavy or embroided abaya’s are worn on weddings, parties, gatherings etc. Here is my pick of the abaya’s for you. Do leave a reply.

Abaya / Jilbab 1

Abaya / Jilbab


Stylish Abaya

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